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Head High was founded in 2015 by Bill Price, Sonoma wine country entrepreneur and one time surfer dude, to champion Pinot Noir from great Sonoma vineyards as well  sustainable viticulture and philanthropic-oriented business practices. Bill Price may be that major Sonoma County wine business leader that you have never heard of. For, while his name does not appear on any wine label or wine estate gate, he is an owner of or investor in many of Sonoma County’s storied wine producers, including Kistler Estate, Gary Farrell, and Kosta Browne, as well as the wineries he’s founded, Six Sticks and Head High. He also owns some famous vineyards, including Durrell and Gap’s Crown vineyards, whose fruit is used not only in Price’s wine projects but is purchased by several top-line Sonoma producers. Currently, Head High is offering Pinot Noir from the Sonoma County and Sonoma Coast AVAs, but the winery has worked with Zinfandel, Grenache, and Tempranillo in the past, either in a rosé or a red blend. In addition to standard glass bottles, Head High is producing Pinot Noir in 250 ml aluminum cans, which are super convenient for wine lovers heading for the outdoors and are 100% recyclable, too. For every two bottles of Head High purchased, the company donates one dollar to either the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation or Sustainable Surf, a non-profit dedicated to preserving the oceans. 

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2018 Head High Sonoma County Pinot Noir

  This wine is a product of three Sonoma County vineyards: Gap's Crown, Durell, and Deodura. Throughout the summer, both Gap’s Crown, a hillside vineyard on Sonoma Mountain, and Durell vineyard, located west of Sonoma town, enjoy conditions that perfectly balance both warm and cool. These vineyards have such a reputation for robust and intense Pinot Noir that several of Sonoma’s best producers buy the grapes for their top wines. Head High Sonoma County Pinot shares the grapes and qualities of these wines - but is available at a much more reasonable price. The bright red fruit, crisp acidity and power of this wine all stand out. Serving slightly chilled will help mute the sharp edges. 

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