2015 Quail Creek California Cabernet Sauvignon


Quail Creek is a range of tasty “everyday” wines that offer great value at a low price. You may be familiar with Quail Creek if you have shopped at Whole Foods, an upscale US supermarket chain that frequently offers this wine as a featured selection. The low prices and consistent quality make a bottle of Quail Creek an obvious choice to throw into the shopping cart as you browse the aisles composing the evening’s meal. Quail Creek is owned by the Bronco Wine Company. Though located near Modesto, CA., Bronco owns and markets wineries and brands from throughout California, the West Coast, Latin America and Europe. Indeed, the mind-boggling list of labels associated with Bronco would lead one to suppose the company is just another giant drinks conglomerate. Yet, the company is owned by a family that can trace their roots in the California wine business to the 1930s. Unlike the typical giant beverage marketing machine, Bronco develops and operates vineyards and wineries, working closely with farmers and winemakers up and down the West Coast. With the largest vineyard holdings in California and by sourcing premium wine sold on the bulk market, the company can offer consumers wines for every occasion. If you are looking for a wine to accompany a midweek meal or for a wine to serve to large groups at a festival or seasonal fair, Quail Creek is an excellent choice.


A great value from Quail Creek Cellars! Here’s a vibrant Cab with lovely aromas of spicy blackberry and red cherry. It’s a medium bodied wine that delights with subtle flavors of black pepper, vanilla and an intriguing smokiness. Try it with with strong cheeses, burgers, pasta or even ribs.


Fermented in stainless steel with some aging in oak.

Tasting notes

Aromas of blackberry, cherry and notes of oak open up to a medium-bodied palate that offers dark fruit flavors, notes of oak and spice and subtle tannins. 




Cabernet Sauvignon, Proprietors Red