2015 J. W. Morris California Cabernet Sauvignon


JW Morris is a range of tasty “everyday” wines that offer great value at a low price. They are wines to enjoy with everyday meals or at parties, barbecues, weekend recreation, sporting events or receptions. Like Hotei’s other value line, Quail Creek, JW Morris is owned by the Bronco Wine Company. Though located near Modesto, CA., Bronco owns and markets wineries and brands from throughout California, the West Coast, Latin America and Europe. Indeed, the mind-boggling list of labels associated with Bronco would lead one to suppose the company is just another giant drinks conglomerate. Yet, the company is owned by a family that can trace their roots in the California wine business to the 1930s. Unlike the typical giant beverage marketing machine, Bronco develops and operates vineyards and wineries, working closely with farmers and winemakers up and down the West Coast. With the largest vineyard holdings in California and by sourcing premium wine sold on the bulk market, the company can offer consumers wines for every occasion. If you like California wine but must keep to a budget, JW Morris offers wines that are well-balanced and charming, drinkable and affordable. 


According to the J.W. Morris website: “This Cabernet Sauvignon offers intense dark fruit flavors, complemented with notes of butterscotch, vanilla, and mocha. Layered with complexity and having a great tannin backbone, this ‘weighty’ Cab always delivers. A great wine for an evening on the patio, along with your favorite steak and grilled vegetables.”




Cabernet Sauvignon, Refosco, Proprietor’s Red Blend