Hotei Wines established the privacy policy in order to protect and control the gathered personal identifying information (name, address, e-mail address, and phone number etc.) submitted by the customer through the Website ( in an appropriate manner.

The Collection of Personal Identifying Information 

In order to receive the following services at the Contents in the part of the Website (competitions, mail magazine subscription and inquiry etc.) Hotei Wines may ask you to provide us with your personal identifying information. Should it become necessary for Hotei Wines to collect your personal identifying information the purpose and use of such information shall be explicitly stated and submitted with your consent to the appropriate extent.

The Control of Gathered Personal Identifying Information

Hotei Wines shall focus on the securement and the improvement of the security, and respectfully take all precautionary means for handling and protection against leakage, modification, loss or abuse of collected personal identifying information in accordance with all related laws and guidelines.

The Use of Personal Identifying Information 

Hotei Wines may use the gathered personal identifying information with customer's consent solely for intended purpose, stated at the time at which it was collected, or for the purpose in which the personal identification shall not be specified (such as statistical data etc) except a case with a valid reason.

Disclosure of Gathered information to the third party 

Personal identifying information gathered at Hotei Wines shall not be disclosed to any third party with the exception of the following; when We have received Our customer's consent for the release of his/her personal identifying information; to partners to whom We outsource our service, and who are strictly obliged through contacts to ensure safeguards for privacy of your personal identifying information; when required by law to disclose or submit, or required with a valid reason.

Inquiry regarding Personal Identifying Information 

Customers are encouraged to contact with Us at cited inquiry number/address in this Website for any reference, change, or modification of your personal identifying information that We shall act accordingly. Hotei Wines may confirm your identification at the time of the inquiry in order to prevent any fraudulence collection of the personal identifying information conducted by the third party. We appreciate your kind cooperation.

Use of Cookies

"Cookie" is a piece of information which the server sends to the user browser, in which the information shall be kept. Cookie may be used in Our Website in order to make websites work more efficiently and to enhance the information or services contained, or to help users use the Website conveniently.

Compliance with Related Regulations

Hotei Wines shall comply with any regulations and our own internal regulations regarding personal identifying information.