Wines that travel well.... Moji on the go!

Moji is a canned wine project started by Vintap-Peregrine Ranch (VTPR), which mainly produces wine in kegs for the on-premise market. That may sound like a technology-focused way of approaching wine, yet the story behind the people involved is not very different from most of the wineries Hotei Wines represents. The business was started in 2014 by two couples, Jeff and Jennifer Meyer and John and Patti Saini, both of them grape growers of long standing in Sonoma County. Though they started out by filling wine kegs in the garage, they are now one of the larger wine-on-tap producers in the United States and have a 1,500 m facility in Healdsburg for producing their Peregrine Ranch, RMH, VinTap and MOJI brands. The wines are sourced from their own vineyards as well as from partners throughout the North Coast Appellation, (Sonoma County, Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Russian River Valley, Napa Valley and Mendocino County). The wine maker is Leo Hansen, whom all of us at Hotei know as the man behind delicious Chenin Blanc and other wines at Leo Steen Wines. Indeed, astute customers may remember that one of Leo Steen’s Chenins was made from a single vineyard at Saini Farms.  

Wine in cans printed in bright colors, as well as the name, Moji, which evokes the emoticons or “emoji” used in texting, all appears targeted to a younger demographic with a more casual attitude toward wine. But there is nothing casual about the wine inside the cans. These refreshing wines are sourced from excellent vineyards in California’s premier appellations and are made to the same high standards that you would find at any premium California winery. But cans are a convenient way to combine wine with an active lifestyle - on a picnic or a hike, at the beach or a barbecue. Get your Moji on…. today!

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Leo Hansen





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MOJI Pinot Grigio Napa Valley (24 x 375ml)

Lighten up with canned Moji Napa Valley Pinot Grigio! Enjoy wine outdoors without added weight or hassle - whether fishing, hiking, sailing — or picnicking in the shade of blooming cherry blossoms. This Pinot Grigio is sourced from the Napa Valley and offers pure aromatics and flavors of melon, apple, and pear with a crisp finish of lemon and mango. Crisp and refreshing yet complex and satisfying. Try it with lighter fare such as salads, shellfish or seafood pasta. 

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