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In Vino Felicitas. In wine there is happiness.

Owned by the enterprising husband and wife team of Mario and Anna Monticelli, Ilaria is guided by Anna’s creative vision and craft. Her goal is to “create unique lots that are not shy about expressing their heritage – the soil and climate in which they were grown, where that combination of great terroir and viticultural expertise merge.” Ilaria’s wines are sourced from several sites in the Napa Valley and Sonoma County, all of which are under long-term contracts to ensure consistency and quality. In keeping with the business as a family venture, the striking Atelier Illaria labels were designed by the project’s namesake, Ilaria, Mario and Anna’s daughter, a talented young fashion designer. 

Anna and Mario both have viticulture and enology degrees from UC Davis and years of experience in the Napa Valley and Europe. Anna worked a harvest at Chateau Cheval Blanc, was assistant winemaker at Seavey Vineyard for two years and then Bryant Family Vineyard for five. She has been the winemaker at Piña Napa Valley since 2007. Mario’s father was born in Italy but emigrated to California, where he made wine at Gallo for 50 years. Mario interned in Tuscany at Villa Antinori, and then spent four years as the assistant winemaker for Philippe Melka, a consultant for many Napa Valley wineries. He became winemaker at Trinchero Napa Valley in 2007. Mario and Anna have full-time “day jobs” as winemakers or winemaking consultants; produce their own labels not only in the Napa Valley, but in Piemonte, Toscana, Abruzzo, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy as well as in France’s Champagne and Rhone regions. They also manage to find time for raising three children.

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