The Soul of the Sierra Foothills

The Terra d’Oro Winery, which also produces wine under the Montevina label, was founded in 1970 in Amador County by Cary Gott, who happens to be the father of the popular Hotei Wines’ producer Joel Gott. As the first winery to open in Amador County since prohibition in the 1920s, Terra d’Oro effectively helped re-establish the area as an important wine region. Located east of Sacramento, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Amador County was at the center of the California Gold rush in the early 1850s. Following close behind the miners were Italian immigrants, who found their “gold” in the soils and climate of the region (rather than underground) that allowed them to plant vineyards - including the oldest Zinfandel vineyard in the state. 

Hilly terrain, diverse soils, and elevations ranging from 350 m to 600 m are what make Amador County stand out as a wine region. The sunny and warm climate is not dissimilar to that of Calistoga in Napa Valley, though the nights are cooler as a result of the higher elevations. Considerable winter rainfall allows vineyards to be dry-farmed. This is Zinfandel country! And a number of old, head-trained vineyards from bygone eras are still around. Terra d’Oro / Montevina owns 400 acres of estate vineyards, some of which are located in the Lodi region. Montevina specializes in Zinfandel (the grape that Amador County is most identified with) and also produces Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition to those, Terra d’Oro also produces Italian varietal wines, such as Sangiovese and Barbera. Wines that celebrate an authentic sense of place, with intense, concentrated flavors made in a subtle, approachable style - That’s Montevina!

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Chris Leamy





Wines from this Winery

2017 Montevina

Omira Hills Chardonnay is sourced not from Amador County but rather from the Lodi region, where Montevina also owns vineyards, as well as the Central Coast. Cool temperatures throughout the growing season allowed the Chardonnay grapes to develop rich and complex flavors as a result of extended “hang time.” The wine was largely fermented in stainless steel and underwent only partial malolactic fermentation. As a result, this is a crisp Chardonnay with a degree of creaminess on the palate. Delicious citrus and tropical fruit aromas and flavors are layered with vanilla bean and almond notes. 

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