Three Thieves

Liberators of Fine Wines 

Like Robin Hood, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, Three Thieves Winery believes that one’s fortune (or lack thereof) need not preclude the enjoyment of such riches as premium California wine. Indeed, sharing a bottle of wine with loved ones or good friends is not a privilege; it’s a basic right! And who said fine wine must come in a cork-stoppered 750 ml bottle with an elegant label? From the start, Three Thieves has snubbed the snobs by bottling Zinfandel in one-liter jugs, or Cabernet in lightweight tetra paks. But unlike many brands with a low price point, Three Thieves does not merely repurpose wine sold on the bulk market. Rather they cultivate relationships with conscientious growers, and make and blend the wines at a facility in the Napa Valley. The “Three Thieves” behind this brand are  Joel Gott, Roger Scommegna, and Charles Bieler, each of whom might be considered a serial entrepreneur of the drinks and hospitality trades, with hands in such disparate ventures as a hotel in Mendocino, a gourmet hamburger stand in St. Helena, or such “hipster” products as hard cider, artisanal Mescal and Riesling in kegs. Joel Gott, of course, is well-known to Hotei fans as a producer of fine wines that win awards but remain affordable. But whereas the JG wines are made to grace the dining table, Three Thieves will be the life of the party. Bold, brash, irreverently packaged but carefully sourced and well-made, these are California varietal wines that will spark conversation and good times whenever you get together with friends, family, colleagues or new acquaintances. 

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Joel Gott/Charles Bieler/Roger Scommegna





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Wines from this Winery

THREE THIEVES Pinot Grigio California

Fresh, crisp and so affordable, Three Thieves Pinot Grigio is all about summer sipping! This blend of Pinot Grigio, Riesling, French Colombard (and more!) is perfect anytime you need to chill with a well-chilled glass of white wine. To make this wine, the Thieves ferment gently-pressed grape must at cold temperatures in stainless steel. They prevent the secondary (or malolactic) fermentation in order to enhance the most mouth-watering qualities. As a result, bright aromas, fresh fruit flavors and crisp, refreshing acidity make for a wine that’s so good, it’s a steal!

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¥2,310 (incl. tax)
THREE THIEVES Chardonnay California
THREE THIEVES Pinot Noir California

A real steal, Three Thieves Pinot Noir is generous, fruit-forward, smooth and silky, and mouthwateringly fresh. Though it’s priced as a weekday wine, this Pinot punches above its weight with complex aromas, concentrated flavors, structure and acidity. The fruit was sourced from vineyards in the Central Coast as well as in the Lodi/Clarksburg region. The blend includes 18% Syrah and 6% Petite Sirah for color and body. Enjoy with lamb, lightly-spiced South Asian cuisine, or soft creamy cheeses.

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¥2,310 (incl. tax)
THREE THIEVES Cabernet Sauvignon California