Oeno Wines is based in Sebastopol, California. This is how Amy Atwood, owner of Oeno Wines, tells her story: "I started Amy Atwood Selections (Cleanskins Wine LLC) in 2009 because I wanted to work with wines I love and winemakers I respect. After 15 years of working for other wine wholesalers and importers, my focus had shifted towards smaller production wineries, making wines more naturally. This means organic or sustainable farming, and little to zero intervention in the winery. And most importantly, the wines have to bring joy and be delicious to drink. Wine. Naturally.

We are based in California."

In time, Atwood noticed that the wines she liked best were Old World in style but increasingly hard to find in California. So she sought out a like-minded winemaker and started an operation to make California wine that met her preferences - perfect fruit, native yeast ferment, zero new oak, moderate alcohol. “Oeno” means wine in ancient Greek. It's also the name for the goddess known for turning water into wine. 





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2016 Oeno Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon

Fans of wines made in the footsteps of “In Pursuit of Balance” will find much to love in this well-balanced Cabernet that isn’t overripe, high in alcohol, or made with excessive oak. The source is a head-trained, 40 year-old vineyard. The grapes were destemmed but pressed as whole berries and fermented with native yeast, followed by aging in neutral French Oak to preserve the varietal fruit character. Ripe and rich with just a hint of vanilla, this is Cabernet that harkens back to the days when California wines graced big family tables, accenting the meal and and supporting, but never dominating, the conversation.

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¥4,730 (incl. tax)