2007 Three Late Harvest Riesling "S3x" Russian River Valley (375ml)

2007 Three Late Harvest Riesling

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Like amber honey, this late harvest Riesling is best enjoyed in Small, Sweet, Sips. Hence, the name Three S3x. One secret to producing a fine late-harvest Riesling is to pick so late in the season that the grapes begin to shrivel, losing liquid while concentrating the sugars. The other is to hope for botrytis cinerea, the “noble rot” that can infect certain vineyards under special conditions but also turns plain sweet into nectar of the gods. In 2007, Sonoma grape growers struggled with a cool and rainy spring, high temperatures in July, and early rains later in the season. While less than ideal for most grape varieties, a Riesling vineyard along the Russian River experienced enough humidity that allowed botrytis to grow in the golden bunches. If you have heard that white wines are best within a couple years of release, fear not! Riesling is among the most age-worthy of all grape varieties – especially the sweet ones. This 2007 late harvest Riesling is just beginning to acquire the tertiary notes of dried fruit, nuts and honey. Pair this wine with a pungent cheese - like a blue cheese - or a fine dessert such as crème brûlée or flan, fig, apricot or peach desserts, cheesecake or apple pie.


Winery Description

Matt and Erin Cline, the owners and proprietors of the Three Wine Company maintain a philosophy about wine, namely, that it can be reduced to just three vital elements: dirt, microclimate and sustainable wine-growing. By sourcing fruit from old vineyards in Contra Costa, Napa and Sonoma counties and by working closely with the growers who own them, they not only supply quality wine to customers but help preserve a unique aspect of California’s agricultural heritage.

If Matt Cline is a name that rings familiar to Hotei customers, it should! The younger brother of Fred Cline, Matt studied entomology at UC Berkeley and then enology at UC Davis and went on to become Cline Cellars’ winemaker from 1985 to 2001. But from the start, Matt was involved in much more than just making Cline wines. In fact, he played a large role in discovering and helping to preserve the old vineyards that produced the fruit for some of Cline’s top wines. When Fred Cline established the winery in Oakley (in Contra Costa, along the San Joaquin River delta), it was Matt who made handshake deals with the Spinelli, Evangelho and Lucchesi families who owned such plots known as Bridgehead and Big Break. Planted by Italian and Portuguese immigrant farmers as long ago as the 1890s, the Zinfandel, Mataro (Mourvedre) and Carignan vines had managed to survive such crises as phylloxera and prohibition. Rooted in well-drained, sandy soils and farmed without irrigation, these ancient vines yielded little quantity but offered character that isn’t found in the fruit of younger vines. By recognizing the potential for these low-yielding vineyards in an unrecognized region to produce fine wine, Matt Cline managed to save them from succumbing to the next real crisis: the sprawling East Bay suburbs that were reaching northern Contra Costa County.  

In the 2000s, Matt Cline moved on from the Cline family business to found other ventures, such as Trinitas, which he sold in 2006, a brand of late harvest Riesling called S3x (small, sweet sips), and eventually the Three Wine Company. In all his ventures, he has sought out old vineyards and encouraged their owners to adopt sustainable farming and nourish these historic plots to good health. 

Three Wine Company is located in Clarksdale, California and makes wine from not only the same Contra Costa vineyards that Matt has worked with for over three decades, but heritage vineyards in the Russian River and Napa valleys as well. While some of Three’s wines are single varietals, Matt prefers the magic that occurs by blending Zin, Mourvedre, Carignan, and Cinsault, which he believes is both more historically accurate and sustainable. 

About this Wine

Country USA
Region California
Appellation(s) Russian River Valley (Sonoma)
Winery Three
Vintage 2007
Color Dessert
Varietal(s) Riesling
Closure Cork
Volume 375ml
Bottle Size 6.0 x 30.5
Case Size 25.5 x 19.5 x 31.0
Alcohol 13.7%
Product Code TW07LHRx

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